Behringer details $400 clone of analogue Minimoog synthesiser

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    Fri, 10 Mar 2017, 10:40
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  • The desktop design will also be compatible with Eurorack modular cases.
  • Behringer details $400 clone of analogue Minimoog synthesiser image
  • Uli Behringer took to Gearslutz last night to reveal a "first draft" of his company's planned Minimoog Model D clone. Currently called the Behringer D, the synth is a desktop design that can also be transferred into a Eurorack format modular setup. The analogue signal path begins with three VCOs, each containing five variable waveshapes and pulse-width modulation, before passing through a 24db resonant ladder filter with a switch for high- and low-pass modes. The transistors are reproductions of those found in the original Model D while the LFO is an analogue design with square and triangle waveshapes. The module can also generate 16-voices of polyphony when multiple modules are chained together. An overdrive circuit, external audio input and noise generator are also onboard. The complete package is covered by a three year warranty. Behringer claims that the company will attempt to retail the synth for the ambitious price of $400. The above features are only "proposed" and prototyping will take place depending on feedback. It continues Behringer's new marketing model of directly proposing ideas to an online customer base, whose reactions then dictate what goes into production. Behringer has even suggested that the company will build a line of synthesisers starting from $49.