Leyland James Kirby revives V/Vm with new LP, Between Nothingness And Eternity

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  • The new album is meant to be played over Tim Hecker's Love Streams.
  • Leyland James Kirby revives V/Vm with new LP, Between Nothingness And Eternity image
  • Leyland James Kirby has returned to his V/Vm alias for an album called Between Nothingness And Eternity. It's the first new music the UK producer has made as V/Vm since The Death of Rave (A Partial Flashback), recordings inspired by a disenchanting trip to Berghain in 2006. Boomkat says the new one is meant to be played alongside Tim Hecker's Love Streams and is inspired by the memory of Mrs Mills, an English pianist who was active in the '60s and '70s. The press release from Kirby's Bandcamp says:
    Using the same process Tim Hecker employed when creating his Love Streams, V/Vm also used the Melodyne software to get midi-information from his pagan creation. This stolen MIDI information was then fed into a modern software sequencer and sent directly to the 'Mrs Mills Piano,' the actual original piano craftily sampled by the Cinesamples team at the World famous Abbey Road studios in London, where Mrs Mills was a resident recording artiste. This dry as a bone piano render was then placed by magical reverb techniques first into eternity, before then relocating back on Earth in an empty Wembley Stadium.
    Listen to Between Nothingness And Eternity on Bandcamp. Tracklist 01. Gladys Mills, Née Gladys Jordan (29 August 1918 – 24 February 1978) 02. Known As Mrs Mills, Was An English Pianist 03. Who Was Active In The 1960s And 1970s 04. And Who Released Many Records. 05. Her Repertoire Included Many Sing-Along And Party Tunes Made Popular In The Music Hall. 06. She Shot To Fame During The Same Period As Her Stable-mates The Beatles, 07. With Whom She Shared Space At Abbey Road Studios. 08. Her Oeuvre Consisted Of Standards (British And International) 09. Plus Cover Versions Of Contemporary Hits. 10. Loughton Town Council Commissioned A Blue Plaque To Her Memory 11. On The House At 43, Barncroft Close, Her Home For Many Years. Between Nothingness And Eternity is out now.