Macro details two ten-year compilations, Vinylism II and Macrospective II

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  • Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann's label will put out the retrospective collections this November.
  • Macro details two ten-year compilations, Vinylism II and Macrospective II image
  • Macro will release two compilations, Vinylism II and Macrospective II, on November 2nd. Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann started up the imprint nearly a decade ago as a home for conceptual work. The two sets, which we first mentioned last month, hold true to the original intent. On the surface, Vinylism II appears to be a CD version of label works from the likes of Elektro Guzzi, KiNK, Vladimir Dubyshkin and Goldmann himself, but the press release notes Johannsen and Goldmann have taken great pains to record from the wax so that the "Vinylism tracks blend perfectly with actual vinyl, eliminating the audible format gap that used to make mixed-media sets an unpleasant listening experience." Macrospective II, like its 2011 predecessor, sees the duo working their way through the Macro catalog in two respective mixes, in the process revealing their personal DJ philosophies. Johannsen takes a more traditional dance floor approach, saying that a competent DJ thinks a few records ahead but never plans due to the "feedback of the moment." Goldmann turns in what he says is probably "the first recorded DJ mix to ever utilise an M/S-matrix, and use it dynamically." The label describes that process as such:
    In M/S-coding, a stereo signal is divided into "mid" and "side" channels instead of left and right. Mid is essentially the mono-compatible information of the mix, and side its opposite: anything not mono. This way, the diffuse elements of a track can be controlled separately from the more defined "mid" elements. In this mix, each new track creeps up from the sides and then moves towards the center of attention, while the previous track is pushed to the edges by reducing its "mid" content. This appears to be one of the smoothest and most naturally sounding ways to move forward in a mix.
    Tracklist Vinylism II 01. KUF - Odyssee (Vinyl Version) 02. Stefan Goldmann - Fossil Water (Vinyl Version) 03. Elektro Guzzi - Room (Vinyl Version) 04. Peter Kruder - Xenomorph (Vinyl Version) 05. Raudive - Ruins (Vinyl Version) 06. Elektro Guzzi - Panier (Vinyl Version) 07. KiNK - Sintezator (Vinyl Version) 08. L’estasi Dell’oro - Iscariotic Lips (Vinyl Version) 09. Elektro Guzzi - Atlas (KiNK Remix) (Vinyl Version) 10. Rroxymore - Darksun (Vinyl Version) 11. Stefan Goldmann - Empty Suit (Vinyl Version) 12. Anno Stamm - Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet (Vinyl Version) 13. KiNK - Source Of Uncertainty (Vinyl Version) 14. Stefan Goldmann - Fat Tails (Vinyl Version) 15. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Serious Attack (Vinyl Version) 16. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Uhod (Vinyl Version) 17. KUF - Gold (Vinyl Version) Macrospective II Finn Johannsen Mix 01. KUF – Wildlife 02. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Burn Brighter Flame 03. Stefan Goldmann – Peak Phosphorus 04. Peter Kruder – Vespertilio 05. KiNK – Sintezator 06. Stefan Goldmann – Minute Blaze 07. Raudive – Visitor 08. Rroxymore – DFF 09. Raudive – Khaki 10. L'estasi Dell'oro – Sky Unknown 11. L'estasi Dell'oro – Iscariotic Lips 12. Elektro Guzzi – Alaska Flip 13. Rroxymore – Q19 14. KiNK – Source Of Uncertainty 15. Peter Kruder – Xenomorph 16. Elektro Guzzi – Atlas (KiNK Mix) 17. Anno Stamm – Aqua / Lemon Peel / Violet 18. Anno Stamm – Orkestra Lunitizia 19. Stefan Goldmann – The Grand Hemiola 20. KUF – Just Like You Stefan Goldmann Mix 01. Stefan Goldmann - De-Gauss 02. Elektro Guzzi - Room 03. Peter Kruder - Xenomorph 04. Raudive - Ruins 05. Stefan Goldmann - The Outness Queens 06. Anno Stamm - Aqua / Lomen Peel / Violet 07. L'estasi Dell'oro - Sky Unknown 08. Stefan Goldmann - Constructor 09. L'estasi Dell'oro - Iscariotic Lips 10. KiNK - Sintezator 11. Raudive - Small Changes 12. Elektro Guzzi - Atlas 13. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Who's Your Daddy 14. Rroxymore - Darksun 15. Stefan Goldmann - Fat Tails 16. KiNK - Source Of Uncertainty 17. Stefan Goldmann - Empty Suit 18. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Uhod 19. KUF - Odyssee (VIP Remix) 20. KUF - Mnky Marco will release Vinylism II and Macrospective II on November 2nd, 2016.