Kaazi, Bludwork next up on 100% Silk

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  • The Los Angeles label will issue a couple of cassettes this fall.
  • Kaazi, Bludwork next up on 100% Silk image
  • 100% Silk will release two tapes in September and October. The October drop comes from Kaazi, a New York City producer who edits his tracks from from long-form improvisational sessions. The label says his sound comprises "breathy acid funk, foggy jungle dub, and violet vaporous house," but he is also influenced by the '80s works of Hiroshi Yoshimura and Yasuaki Shimizu. (Shimizu is behind the well-loved 1983 record from Mariah, Utakata No Hibi.) Kaazi explains, "When I was a child, we had a stream of Japanese students come and live with our family for extended periods of time on exchange, so my first friends outside of my immediate world were these students. Later on, my first trip abroad was Tokyo, and I spent days digging the incredible record stores in Koenji and Shimo, lost in LPs by Hiroshi Yoshimura and Yasuaki Shimizu." This fall also sees the debut from a Long Beach-based producer named Bludwork. 100% Silk calls the young artist's six tracks "new dance floor nostalgias for the now by a distinct coastal talent." The label says his cassette, called Nightmare, is inspired by gospel, southern rap and rejection. The new tapes follow 2016 100% Silk releases from Akasha System, Buz Ludzha and Hubert Clarke Jr. Listen to Kaazi's "Air."
    And stream a recent edition of RA's The Hour podcast, which featured a section on the cassette resurgence in Los Angeles. (It starts at 00:32:21.)
    Tracklist Kaazi - Zen Travel 01. Air 02. Tropics 03. Balloon 04. Cycle 05. Skate 06. Street 07. Subway 08. Cruise 09. Mountain Bludwork - Nightmare 01. Axiom Voicings 02. Acolyte 03. Witness 04. Loose Grip 05. Go Demon 06. Melt Them 100% Silk will release Nightmare on September 30th and Zen Travel on October 14th, 2016.