Buz Ludzha - Basslines For Life

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  • The difference between Andrew Morrison's two main aliases, The Cyclist and Buz Ludzha, seems to be in name only. Both projects work with a sound he calls "tape throb"—a bedroom-born revision on various strains of throwback dance music—and have released on All City and 100% Silk. Buz Ludzha's second 12-inch, Basslines For Life, sounds in many ways like a direct continuation of last year's Hot House EP by The Cyclist, all blasted house beats, wavering synth melodies, soulful samples and red-lining low-end. Morrison trades any lingering hints of psychedelic krautrock for a few extra BPM in these four tracks. Also like Hot House, Basslines For Life saves its best track for last. Though that isn't to slight the rest: "Asteroids" and "Positive Vibes" do solid work with their driving rhythms and anthemic gusto, which "Vibradreams" translates to a more groovy swing with touches of acid and piano-house. Between Morrison's knack for warm tones, rich melody and versatile basslines, those three could quickly grab a dance floor's attention. What sets "Basslines For Life" apart, then, is its resourcefulness. At seven minutes long and stripped of the usual synth overload, this percussive stomper makes the most of a skeletal arrangement that accentuates bold gestures as much as subtle tricks. Morrison only needs pepper in a distorted blues sample and fiddle with the bassline's filters to keep dancers locked into his jumpy beat. In its captivating and effective simplicity, "Basslines For Life" points to where Buz Ludzha could find a distinctive approach.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Asteroid A2 Positive Vibes B1 Vibradreams B2 Basslines For Life