fabric petition closes in on 100,000 signatures

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  • The campaign to save the iconic venue is drawing a huge response.
  • fabric petition closes in on 100,000 signatures image
  • The petition to save fabric is approaching 100,000 signatures. Set up on August 24th, the petition is central to the campaign to secure the future of the Farringdon nightclub, which is currently closed following the recent deaths of two 18-year-old clubbers. (Islington Council will review fabric's license on September 6th.) The petition has garnered more than 83,000 signatures in four days. When the number hit 50,000, the club released a statement that read:
    "It's actually quite hard to express just how touched we are that 50,000 people have already put their name to the campaign to support nightlife and #savefabric—it shows us just how big our family has become over the years. The safety of all our customers has always been at the core of what we do, so right now we're working with the relevant authorities and looking at everything we can to make sure that we can continue to operate after September 6th. This petition demonstrates the sheer magnitude of people who not only value what we have been doing here in Farringdon for nearly two decades, but also care about our culture and our city's nightlife."
    Sign the petition here.