Peder Mannerfelt next up on Hinge Finger

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  • The Swedish experimental artist will put out Clear Eyes, Full Heart on Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison's label soon.
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  • Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead's Hinge Finger will release Peder Mannerfelt's Clear Eyes, Full Heart soon. The title track on the new EP, "Clear Eyes, Full Heart," is a stomping dance floor effort which references the American television show Friday Night Lights. Elsewhere on the four track 12-inch, Mannerfelt goes further afield, experimenting with bizarre ambient and rhythmic structures. Following a barren spell, Clear Eyes, Full Heart is the second Hinge Finger record to be announced in a matter of weeks, following Joy Orbison's collaborative duo with Herron, CO/R. Mannerfelt recently put out his third solo album, Controlling Body, on his own label. Listen to "Clear Eyes, Full Heart."
    Tracklist A1 Cry To Your Soul A2 Clear Eyes, Full Heart B1 Savvy B2 The Great Attractor Hinge Finger will release Clear Eyes, Full Heart in summer 2016.