TANSTAAFL reveals upcoming release plans

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  • The label will wind down one series, PLANETS, with a John Osborn & Tallmen785 EP next month, and start a new one, DRED, this fall.
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  • TANSTAAFL, John Osborn and October's Berlin/Bristol-based techno and house label, will put out one more TANSTAAFL PLANETS 12-inch before focusing on a new series, TANSTAAFL DRED, which kicks off in the fall. The TANSTAAFL PLANETS series, which launched as a sublabel with a KEL EP in 2013, has featured the likes of Joey Anderson, John Daly, Bill Youngman and Tallmen785 in its time. For its tenth and final release, the latter producer has teamed up with Osborn for The Curfew EP. (The two Berliners collaborated on Run Out Run in 2014.) A three-track EP that's out next month, it comes with artwork depicting the English writer and reptilian conspiracy theorist David Icke, along with this advice, from the press release: "Careful, these frequencies may cause abduction by a reptilian race." We're told that new imprint TANSTAAFL DRED will serve as an outlet for "mutant dub house techno & disco." Like PLANETS, it'll ultimately cover ten total releases, but with this series they'll come by way of 10-inch, two-track green vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Sven VT, AKA Sven von Thülen, is in charge of DRED01, which at the moment is due out in late September. Two PLANETS alumni, Henning Baer and HBNG (AKA Henrik Bergqvist and Noah Gibson), along with Run Out Run boss Tom Dicicco, are also set to contribute. Tracklist The Curfew EP 01. Curfew 02. Mono Core 03. Growl DRED01 01. Acacia Visions 02. Stop TANSTAAFL PLANETS will release The Curfew EP on May 23rd, and the TAANSTAAFL DRED series begins with DRED01 in late September, 2016.