Gavin Guthrie starts Texas Recordings Underground label

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  • The new imprint kicks off next month with a various artists EP featuring tracks from E.R.P. and Cygnus.
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  • A new label called Texas Recordings Underground will launch in April. Texas Recordings Underground, or TRU, is the brainchild of Gavin Guthrie, the Dallas-based DJ and producer who you might also know as TX Connect. It'll be focused solely on fellow artists from the Lone Star State, "from the border of Mexico all the way up to the panhandle," with a wide-open music policy: "Anything from house, techno, acid, electro to ambient, funk, industrial, synth pop, etc. If it's good, it's good and you'll hear it." The label's first release is Cyber_Tex, a various artists EP described as "five tracks of electro gold." The well-regarded Gerard Hanson, AKA Convextion, has been recruited for a cut from his E.R.P. alias. Cygnus, who's drawn increasing praise in recent years as a producer and live act (Autechre picked him as an opener for their US tour last fall), is contributing two productions, featuring vocals from Monica Lockett and Dolly Vicious, respectively. Tracks from Vectorvision and Textasy round out the release, which will drop in the latter half of April in vinyl and digital formats. Guthrie tells RA that Bill Converse, Brooks Mosher and Submersible Machines and are also due to appear on future TRU releases, along with Hanson, as Convextion. Dallas heads can catch both Convextion and Vectorvision in action at a Movement pre-party on Saturday, April 9th. Listen to a full stream of the EP below.
    Tracklist A1 Cygnus - Make The Brain Relax feat. Monica Lockett A2 E.R.P. - Tandy Center B1 Vectorvision - Beta Cloud B2 Textasy - Goron B3 Cygnus - 1.9.9.X. - Pink Lipstick ピンク feat. Dolly Vicious Texas Recordings Underground will release Cyber_Tex in late April, 2016.
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