Interstellar Funk's Electric Park Square coming on Rush Hour

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  • The Amsterdam artist's next EP is due out in March.
  • Interstellar Funk's Electric Park Square coming on Rush Hour image
  • Interstellar Funk has an EP coming out on Rush Hour Music titled Electric Park Square. The record is the Dutch artist's first full release on Rush Hour, though he did previously appear on a store-only 12-inch with Robert Bergman. On top of that, he's also put out music on other Amsterdam outlets Dekmantel, Voyage Direct and Tape Records. "The idea for the release started with 'Cable 54,' the first track," says Interstellar Funk, real name Olf Van Elden. "I sent it to Antal, and he loved it. 'Cable 54' became the first step for my debut EP on the label, we decided to create a release around it. It took a year before we found the right form, I just kept sending tracks and we collected a variety of moods, jams. A few months ago we decided to just stop the process and to see what we had." He adds: "I am happy the way it went, because the release has become more that just a few tracks. I am also happy to have the two 'Poly Evolvers' on there, these are tracks I did years ago and could never find a destination for. I also worked with my studio mate Jeroen on a few tracks. The release has become very personal, so I decided to design the sleeve myself as well, to keep the result as personal as possible. My girlfriend, photographer Imke Ligthart, helped me with it." Rush Hour recently revealed that it's leaving its Spuistraat home to move to a new, bigger location just up the street. Listen to snippets of the EP below.
    Tracklist 01. Cable 54 02. Poly Evolver #1 03. Ama Diver (Interstellar Funk and Jeroen) 04. Short Sequence 05. Prototype (Interstellar Funk and Jeroen) 06. Poly Evolver #2 Rush Hour will release Electric Park Square in mid-March 2016.