Adam X and Perc reveal new AX&P EP

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  • Mutiny & Disorder arrives next month.
  • Adam X and Perc reveal new AX&P EP image
  • Adam X and Perc have a new record as AX&P, Mutiny & Disorder, coming out in February. Sonic Groove boss Adam Mitchell and Perc Trax man Ali Wells are re-appearing with the production and label collaboration they started around 2011. So far the project has resulted in just one release: 2013's tough, industrial-tinged AMPERE&OHM. Mutiny & Disorder is a two-track EP that would seem to continue along similar stylistic lines. The two artists are coming off a year in which Mitchell explored more experimental ambient and industrial sounds with a new ADMX-71 LP for L.I.E.S., while Wells put out a confrontational EP on Perc Trax, Gob. (He also collaborated with Danny Passarella on a lengthy record inspired by the cult 1983 horror film Videodrome.) Along with their upcoming EP, the pair have announced two late-February AX&P live shows in Paris and London. While full details for Paris have yet to be announced, the London set is part of a Perc Trax showcase at Corsica Studios. Each gig marks AX&P's local debut. Tune into "Coulomb," from that 2013 EP, below.
    Tracklist A Mutiny B Disorder AX&P will release Mutiny & Disorder on February 16th, 2016.