Peter Van Hoesen curates Stealth compilation

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  • Voices From The Lake, Mike Parker and Material Object all make it onto collection, due out on Time To Express in November.
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  • Peter Van Hoesen has compiled a full-length compilation titled Stealth. Due out on Van Hoesen's Time To Express label, the compilation collects tracks from both established and up-and-coming techno artists. Mike Parker, Voices From The Lake and Eric Cloutier are among the most well known contributors, supplying one track each. There's also selections from Material Object, Wata Igarashi, Yotam Avni and Van Hoesen himself. Stealth will be available digitally and on vinyl. The digital version is due out on November 9th, followed by a three-part vinyl series in the following months. A mixed version of the compilation will also be given out at Van Hoesen's upcoming gigs. There are no samples of Stealth online just yet, but you can likely expect the same slick, driving techno sound the Belgian has been dishing out for most of his career. Tracklist 01. Wata Igarashi -Top Secret 02. Yves De Mey - Return For Access (Kempinski Remix) 03. Yotam Avni - Ima - (PVH Stealth Edit) 04. Wata Igarashi - Night 05. Peter Van Hoesen - Prime Symmetry 06. Material Object - Shimmer 07. Mike Parker - Sinuous Mode / Peter Van Hoesen - Stealth PhasePerc 08. Eric Cloutier - Pluviophile 09. Peter Van Hoesen - Breach 10. Voices From The Lake - Zulu Vortex 11. Peter Van Hoesen - Shadows & Concern 12. Peter Van Hoesen - Unicorn 13. Bee Mask: Headband (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) 14. Imaginary Softwoods: Aura Show Time To Express will release Stealth on November 9th, 2015.