Underground Resistance affiliate Nomadico launches new label

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  • The Los Angeles producer will release a four-tracker via Yaxteq later this summer.
  • Underground Resistance affiliate Nomadico launches new label image
  • Nomadico will release Yaxteq 001 via his new imprint of the same name this summer. The longtime Underground Resistance operative is working with Submerge on the new imprint, which draw parallels between UR's base in Detroit and Nomadico's Los Angeles roots. Nomadico traveled to Detroit in 2002 to study techno at Submerge HQ, much like fellow East LA producer Santiago Salazar. During that time, he worked on classic UR tracks like "Transition." Yaxteq 001 explores UR-style themes, with opener "Resistance Is Not Futile" containing the lyrics "we will not be clones, we will not be assimilated." Another track, "Romero's Echo," is a tribute to the revered Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador. Dex will appear at LA's Black Lodge party on August 1st with Salazar and White Visitation. That event will act as the unofficial launch party for Yaxteq. Check out a video teaser for Yaxteq 001 below.
    Tracklist 01. Resistance Is Not futile 02. Cabrakan 03. Romero’s Echo 04. After The Anger Yaxteq will release Yaxteq 001 in late summer, 2015.