Blawan starts TERNESC label

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  • The new outlet will be home to most of Jamie Roberts' solo output from now on.
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  • Blawan has started a new label called TERNESC. The UK producer announced some details of the outlet on Facebook, saying it'll be the home for most of his music from now on. The first record, Warm Tonal Touch, contains four slices of modular techno. It's due for release on May 12th, with the label's second release to follow "not long after." TERNESC carries the same name as a London club night Blawan started in 2014. Listen to clips from TESC001 below.
    Tracklist 01. Talatone 02. Fentanyl 03. Slow Mick 04. Blue Bottle TERNESC will release Warm Tonal Touch on May 12th, 2015.