Ostgut Ton unveils plans for Berghain, The Musical

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    Wed, Apr 1, 2015, 08:44
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  • The story of Berlin's most infamous club will be told in song this fall.
  • Ostgut Ton unveils plans for Berghain, The Musical image
  • Ostgut Ton has announced plans for its next theatre event: Berghain, The Musical, a stage production telling the story of the Berlin club, due to premiere in September.  Berghain, The Musical will be produced by the American director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell, with music by Tim Minchin, the Tony Award-winning composer of 2014's Matilda: The Musical. Much like MASSE, its ballet-inspired predecessor, Berghain, The Musical will include original productions by Ostgut Ton's usual suspects—Steffi, Nick Höppner, Ben Klock, Shed, Marcel Fengler and Virginia among others—all of whom will also play themselves in the production. Though none of the DJs have any experience singing or acting onstage, Minchin and Mitchell say this will add to Berghain's organic, uncontrived delivery. Only two outside actors have been cast: Broadway veteran Patrick Stewart, who will play Johannes The Bear, and Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, who will make his theatre debut playing the role of Dave Sumner, AKA Function.    The soundtrack for Berghain, The Musical will consist mostly of house and techno classics adapted for the stage, including Romanthony's "Bring U Up," Jamie Principle's "Bad Boy," DJ Deeon's "Point Em Out" and Underground Resistance's "Transition." Minchin is also securing the rights to Paul McCartney's "Darkroom," to be sung by Stewart as the first number in Act II. Höppner is slated for a teary ballad version of Eddie Murphy's 1985 pop single "Party All The Time," which he will perform solo. Berghain, The Musical will premiere in September at Berghain Am Halle, the space adjacent to the club's main room. It will be accompanied by a collection of the show's original music, to be released via Ostgut Ton on vinyl, CD and digital formats.  Tracklist 01. Overture / Transition 02. "Wie Alt Bist Du?" A Doorman's Tale 03. Story 1: Ostgut v. o2 04. Your Love  05. Story 2: Richie And The Curtain 06. Point Em Out 07. Darkroom 08. The Balcony's Cold Welcome 09. Seasons Of The Crooked Photo: Vagina, Asshole, Throat 10. Bring U Up 11. Green Sticker 12. Party All The Time 13. Epilogue / Transition Ostgut Ton will release Berghain, The Musical on September 14th, 2015.