The Exaltics bring you The Truth on new compilation

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  • The electro veteran will release a best of chronicling their work from 2008 through 2013 in April.
  • The Exaltics bring you The Truth on new compilation image
  • The Exaltics will release The Truth 2008 - 2013 through his own Solar One Music on April 2nd. The Exaltics, an alias of German producer Robert Witschakowski, will be familiar to dedicated fans of Drexciyan-style electro via his releases on Crème Organization, Clone and Bunker. Solar One, the label he runs with Nico Jagiella, has been a reliable source for his own tracks and like-minded material from close peers such as Helena Hauff and Ekman. Though Witschakowski has been producing music since the '90s, his first official release dropped in 2007. The Truth takes stock of what's come since, compiling 11 productions "described as pure robotic madness tinted with sci-fi and aggressive funk' (via Juno Plus.) The compilation will be released in the usual formats, with a 100-copy collector's edition on yellow vinyl and a bonus 7-inch. Discover The Truth via the clips below.
    Tracklist 01. My Language 02. The Crash 03. Instinct 04. Compressed Thoughts 05. IMOEH 06. Quiet Earth 07. Journey to Jupiter 08. The Truth 09. We Want But We Can't 10. The Clash Next Round 11. Did You See This Broken Plane Solar One Music will release The Truth 2008-2013 by The Exaltics on April 2nd, 2015.