Levon Vincent reveals tracklist for debut album

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  • More details have emerged of the esteemed producer's first full-length.
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  • Levon Vincent has revealed some more information about his self-titled debut album. The LP has 11 new tracks spread across four 12-inches, and will be released on Vincent's label, Novel Sound. This week Vincent posted a teaser video to his Facebook page along with some preliminary information: he said the album was coming "very soon" and the catalogue number was NS-09. Vincent released his first record in 2002 and has since become a revered artist in house and techno, thanks to a dusty and emotive style that colours his productions as well as his DJ sets. Having relocated to Berlin from New York a few years back, he's adopted a quality-over-quantity approach, putting out one or two singles a year since 2011. Tracklist A1 The Beginning A2 Phantom Power B Junkies On Hermann Street C Launch Ramp To The Sky D1 For Mona, My Beloved Cat D2 Her Light Goes Through Everything E1 Black Arm W/Wolf E2 Confetti F Anti-Corporate Music G Small Whole-Numbered Ratios H Woman Is An Angel Levon Vincent is coming soon on Novel Sound.