Nina Kraviz mixes DJ-Kicks

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  • The Russian DJ's 29-track selection draws on music from Fred P, DJ Bone and Terrence Dixon.
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  • Nina Kraviz has mixed the latest edition of !K7's DJ-Kicks series. The mix follows recent DJ-Kicks efforts from Brandt Brauer Frick and Will Saul. As usual with Kraviz, the focus is deep and groovy, with music from Terrence Dixon (as Population One), Baby Ford, DJ Bone and Fred P. Curveballs include a track from Goldie and another from Aphex Twin under his Bradley Strider alias. In keeping with the mix's tradition there's an exclusive tune from Kraviz called "Mystery." Almost half of the tracks are exclusives from Kraviz's ???? label. "The mix contains lots of vocals," Kraviz says. "Words spoken in the most spooky and at times almost inaudible way. They come from nowhere and disappear into the music. This is like many of my own productions where I use vocals and verbal loops to achieve this trippy, going nowhere effect." She adds: "People probably know me for my Dance Mania-inspired, stripped down jacking groove style of DJing but the idea behind this particular mix was to create more of a trippy underwater vibe. A mysterious, sonic journey, inspired by the times I used to listen to late night radio growing up and imagine that all the sounds brought to me via the radio waves came directly from space. At the very end of the mix you can hear my spoken words in Russian that take me back to the time when I had my own night radio show. From time to time I will pop up in the middle of the track to announce the artist or just share what's on my mind. 'Have you ever been to Reykjavik? I haven't. But I would like to go there one day.'" Tracklist 01. Egotrip - Dreamworld (Acapella) 02. Nina Kraviz - Mystery (DJ-Kicks) 03. Area - Broken Glass Everywhere 04. Prototype 909 - Atma 05. Goldie - Truth 06. Bjarki - Revolution 07. Nina Kraviz - IMPRV 08. Bjarki - Polygon Pink Toast 09. Population One - Bonus Beat w/ Flatner / Ingram Project - Da Comin' (Jay Denham RMX) Acapella w/ Parrish Smith - 1.0 / 8.0 Afrika Genocide Acapella 10. Breaker 1 2 - In The Distance 11. Steve Stoll - Pop Song 12. Bradley Strider - Untitled 13. Stanislav Tolkachev - I Will Not Pee In The Pool 14. Armando - Pleasure Dome 15. Nina Kraviz - Prozimokompleme 16. Baby Ford - 24 HR 17. Fred P - Higher Mentalism (edit) 18. Exos - Nuclear Red Guard 19. Steve Stoll - Corona 20. Freak Electrique - Parsec 21. Population One - Out Of Control (Vocal Mix) 22. Exos & Octal - Grow 23. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - Complaints A 24. Plaid - Oi 25. DJ Bone - The Vibe 26. Adam Beyer pres Conceiled Project - Pattern 1 27. Polygon Window - Quino-Phec 28. Nikita Zabelin feat. dBridge - So Lonely 29. Rizhome - Corridor !K7 will release Nina Kraviz: DJ-Kicks on January 26th, 2015.