Mr. Mitch has Parallel Memories

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  • The London producer will release his first LP through Planet Mu in December.
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  • Mr. Mitch's debut album will land on December 1st. Miles Mitchell has been an instrumental figure in the recent generation of grime producers, appearing on the Butterz label in its early days and starting his own Gobstopper imprint in 2010. Alongside Slackk and Logos he also founded the London party series Boxed, which has since become a bit of a focal point for the UK's increasingly adventurous grime scene. Just last week, Mitchell announced that his debut EP for Planet Mu would come out on November 3rd. Now, the same label has revealed plans for his first full-length, Parallel Memories. The title comes from the imagery Mitchell sees when he listens to his own music, "often repeated snapshots of his life in various impossible scenarios or distorted situations," which the press release compares to his own experimental approach to grime. The record features "Don't Leave" as well as a repurposed version of his own edit of Dark0's "Sweet Boy Pose," under the title "Sweet Boy Code." Tracklist 01. Afternoon After 02. The Night 03. Intense Faces 04. Don’t Leave 05. It Takes Hold Of You 06. Sweet Boy Code feat. Dark0 07. Wandering Glaciers 08. Feel (Don’t Ask) 09. Bullion 10. Denial 11. Fly Soup 12. Hot Air Planet Mu will release Parallel Memories on December 1st, 2014.