Jeff Mills enters the Emerging Crystal Universe

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  • The Detroit legend's next album in the Sleeper Wakes series will hit stores soon.
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  • Jeff Mills has announced a new full-length called Emerging Crystal Universe. Coming on his own Axis Records label, Emerging Crystal Universe is the spiritual follow-up to last year's The Jungle Planet, which RA's Aaron Coultate described as "a vivid world to explore, one that's been drawn with visual imagery, evocative track titles, a detailed backstory and a rich collection of tracks." The releases are part of a series called Sleeper Wakes, and where that one took place on an "exotic expedition" to the "planet of planets," this one sees our protagonist—the last surviving human—head into a "Parallel Universe." That's all the info we have now, but you can listen to clips over at the FIT Detroit site. Tracklist 01. Entering (The Crystal Universe) 02. Phantom Stars 03. Stellar Black Connector 04. Crossing The Inner Threshold 05. Common Space 06. The Advent 07. Hexagons, Chants And Lights 08. Mass Elliptical Orbits 09. Reversing The Cosmic Theory Axis Records will release Emerging Crystal Universe in fall 2014.