Thoughtless Music marks Era Two

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  • Noah Pred's label will celebrate 100 releases with a 50-track mix chronicling its last few years.
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  • Noah Pred has mixed Era Two to celebrate Thoughtless Music's 100th release. Originally founded back in 2007 by the Canadian producer, the house-focused Thoughtless has dropped plenty of material from Pred himself (including last year's Third Culture LP) as well as from fellow Canadians Rennie Foster and Arthur Oskan. When the label hit 50 releases in 2011, Pred marked the occasion with a 50-track mix, and that's just what he's done for Thoughtless catalogue numbers 51 through 100. Taking a tune from each EP since number 50, Era Two collects highlights from Deepchild, Oskan, Foster, Shane Berry, Bryan Zentz, Stone Owl, Jamie Kidd and more. Pred also offers up a new one, "We Bug," which will be released as a single and is up for streaming below.
    Tracklist 01. Ruoho Ruotsi - Waiting For Troll [TLM053] 02. Arthur Oskan - Use No Good [TLM052] 03. Daniel Ray - Warm Black [TLM078] 04. Co-Op - To Life V1 [TLM064] 05. Ethan Borshansky - Zag [TLM062] 06. Brian Johnson - All Of The Time (Tom Clark Remix) [TLM065] 07. Tomas Jirku - Solaris 2002 (Kenneth Scott Remix) [TLM089] 08. Stone Owl - Planet X [TLM070] 09. Android Cartel - Terminal (Billy Dalessandro Remix) [TLM082] 10. Arthur Oskan - Exit Strategy (Marc Houle Remix) [TLM071] 11. Deepchild - I Woke And You Were Smiling (Falko Brocksieper Remix) [TLM075] 12. Noah Pred - Left Unsaid [TLM077] 13. Derek Marin - We've Been Expecting You (Hreno's Deep Pockets Dub) [TLM066] 14. Platypus - The Streets Have A Voice (Joachim Spieth Remix) [TLM072] 15. Stone Owl - CBD [TLM094] 16. Deepchild - The Suffering Ones (Tim Xavier Remix) [TLM055] 17. Metalogic - Dark Shines [TLM056] 18. Jason Short - Zone Of Middle Dimensions [TLM073] 19. Rennie Foster - Perimeter Abstract (John Norman Main Remix) [TLM099] 20. Lock Smith - Settle Down Na (Dave Aju Remix) [TLM098] 21. Deepchild - Riyadh (Deadbeat Remix) [TLM068] 22. Deepchild - The Suffering Ones (Gingy & Bordello Remix) [TLM057] 23. Santini & Tellez - Lost Thoughts [TLM059] 24. Danielle Nicole - True Romance (Roberto Remix) [TLM090] 25. Nigel Richards - Deeeeep [TLM058] 26. Noah Pred - Circles & Circles feat. Rosina (Joel Mull Hypno Dub) [TLM085] 27. Shane Berry - Akaforme [TLM074] 28. Deepchild - Safe Passage [TLM087] 29. Rennie Foster - Legionnaire (Exercise One Remix) [TLM081] 30. Simon Beeston & Andi Numan - Freaks Back [TLM096] 31. Arthur Oskan - Back In Black [TLM092] 32. Murr - Dive Into The Deepest feat. Rosina (Maceo Plex Remix) [TLM088] 33. Derek Marin - Being Sleazy (Alexi Delano Remix) [TLM084] 34. Alland Byallo - Blunderlust [TLM079] 35. Dave Vega - In A Chord With Something [TLM051] 36. Bryan Zentz - The Sprawl [TLM060] 37. Noah Pred - Monotasking (Brendon Moeller Digital Resketch) [TLM063] 38. Daniel Ray - Night Watchman (Pheek Remix) [TLM061] 39. Deepchild - Neuko¨lln Burning [TLM069] 40. Signal Deluxe - Zero Seven (Reverse Commuter Remix) [TLM091] 41. Phantom Ambulance - Medicine (Dactilar Remix) [TLM054] 42. Brian Johnson - Time Will Tell [TLM080] 43. Deepchild - Slave Driver (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [TLM097] 44. Canson - Don't Stop [TLM076] 45. Noah Pred - We Bug [TLM100] 46. Noah Pred - Your Signal feat. Marc Deon (Steven Tang Remix) [TLM093] 47. Auk - Afraid To Fly [TLM095] 48. Noah Pred - Third Culture [TLM086] 49. Platypus - Soft Spoken Trees [TLM067] 50. Murr - Sacred Ground feat. Rosina [TLM083] Thoughtless Music will release Era Two on September 22nd, 2014.