Ostgut Ton announces MASSE BOX

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  • The score from Berghain's ballet project has been remixed, with six club-focused versions set for release as a boxset.
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  • Ostgut Ton have revealed details of MASSE BOX, a vinyl and CD addendum to last year's MASSE compilation. Released in 2013, MASSE was the score to a ballet project organised by Berghain. The soundtrack was composed by Henrik Schwarz, Marcel Dettmann & Âme's Frank Wiedemann, and DIN, a collaboration between Marcel Fengler and Efdemin. The original compilation came out digitally and on CD; MASSE BOX comprises the original CD plus three 12-inches containing new club-focused versions. The first 12-inch has two new cuts from DIN: "Euphorium," a remake of "Oscillation," and "Aetas," which is a new take on "Conclusion." The second record sees Dettmann and Wiedemann drop club versions of "Spiritoso" and "Martellato," while the third plate has Schwarz turning in two dance floor reworks, "Lockstep" and "Unknown Touch Two." Though it was originally scheduled for release on June 23rd, MASSE BOX has been pushed back to July. It'll be limited to 500 copies. Tracklist MASSE: Henrik Schwarz - Balletsuite #1 - Masse 01. Unknown Touch 02. Affect Structure 03. I Am Not Responsible For That 04. But Then I’m Different 05. When Things Are Difficult 06. Couple Are Strong Dettmann | Wiedemann - Menuett 07. Part 1 - Accelerando 08. Part 2 - Martellato 09. Part 3 - Spiritoso DIN - EVOLVE 10. (prelude) 11. Creation 12. Variation 13. Oscillation 14. Division 15. Generation 16. Conclusion DIN - MASSE Remixes I: 01. Euphorium 02. Aetas Dettmann | Wiedemann - MASSE Remixes II: 01. Spiritoso (Club Version) 02. Martellato (Club Version) Henrik Schwarz - MASSE Remixes III: 01. Lockstep 02. Unknown Touch Two Ostgut Ton will release MASSE BOX in July 2014.