Mister Saturday Night announces two-CD compilation

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  • Brothers And Sisters will offer a mix of old and new tracks from the likes of Anthony Naples and Gunnar Haslam.
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  • Mister Saturday Night will release its first compilation in June. Brothers And Sisters is a two-CD effort that collects some of the New York label's past ten releases (previously only available on vinyl) along with a handful of new tracks from producers in their orbit. The famous Brooklyn loft party (run by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter) notably scooped up Anthony Naples' megahit "Mad Disrespect" for their first release in 2012, launching what would become a successful vinyl-only imprint and also breaking Naples' talents to the rest of the world. Since then, they've had Dark Sky, Alex Burkat, Lumigraph and others contribute to wax releases as well. The label is quick to note that "Brothers And Sisters is a summary of [their] community, but not a compilation," sequenced as an "end-to-end experience." It features material from the names above as well as new tracks from Keita Sano, General Ludd and Archie Pelago. It also marks the first time the previously-released tracks have been released digitally. All of the unreleased tracks will also come in a triple-vinyl package for the wax collectors. Tracklist CD1 01. Dark Sky - In Brackets 02. Archie Pelago - Brown Oxford 03. Lumigraph - Yacht Cruiser 04. General Ludd - Woo Ha 05. Keita Sano - People Are Changing 06. Hank Jackson - Cole's Lullaby 07. Hank Jackson - Shave 08. Anthony Naples - Moscato B 09. General Ludd - C 10. Archie Pelago - Cinema Club 11. Boya - Dawn Corner 12. Alex Burkat - Shower Scene 13. Dark Sky - Rare Bloom CD2 01. Gunnar Haslam - Kenosha (Amytal) 02. Dark Sky - Clear 03. General Ludd - Brothers And Sisters 04. Archie Pelago - The House of Haab 05. Gunnar Haslam - Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom 06. Dark Sky - IYP 07. Keita Sano - Ingram 08. Boya - The Idler 09. Lumigraph - Cape Horn 10. Keita Sano - Drummer Trix 11. Archie Pelago - Frederyck Swerl 12. Anthony Naples - Mad Disrespect Mister Saturday Night Records will release Brothers And Sisters on June 23rd, 2014.