Downwards preps 20th anniversary compilation

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  • Regis, Sleeparchive and Surgeon all feature on the seminal UK label's commemorative release.
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  • Downwards will release a compilation called 20 Years Of Downwards in September. The collection features Downwards alumnus old and new, from veterans like Antonym, Anthony Child (AKA Surgeon), Sleeparchive and label founder Regis, AKA Karl O'Connor, through to younger artists like Samuel Kerridge and OAKE. Johnathan Krohn and Karl Meier, AKA Talker, chip with "Cut The Weight (Part I & II)." There's a nod to Berlin too, with a Substance remix of Regis's "Cold Water" also featuring. Under the stewardship of O'Connor, Downwards has been a driving force in UK techno, industrial and post-punk music for two decades. Earlier this year it opened Downwards America, a stateside offshoot overseen by O'Connor's former Sandwell District associate Juan Mendez. You can stream brief snippets of each track from 20 Years of Downwards over at the Ready Made distributor SoundCloud page. Tracklist A1 Antonym - Consumer Device A2 Mark Farmer - None Of This A3 Regis - Cold Water (Substance Version) B1 Anthony Child - Over Napoli B2 Fret - Untitled C1 Concrete Fence - The Unabridged Truth (Sleeparchive Version) C2 Talker - Cut The Weight (Part I & II) D1 Kerridge - A Shadow Cast D2 OAKE - Tenoun Rah Zan Downwards will release 20 Years Of Downwards on September 18th, 2013.