DJ Hell mixes Kern Vol. 2

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  • We speak to the International Deejay Gigolo Records boss about his instalment in Tresor's CD series.
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  • DJ Hell has mixed Kern Vol. 2 for Tresor. The second instalment in the series follows DJ Deep's inaugural effort, released last November. For Vol. 2, the veteran International Deejay Gigolo boss leafed through the forgotten corners of his record collection. "I think combining classic material together with the new generation of house and techno producers, who are themselves influenced by the older heroes of electronic dance music, makes this mix a special one," DJ Hell, real name Helmut Geier, told RA. In keeping with Kern's remit, the mix balances older material from the likes of Inner City, Code 6 and Steve Poindexter alongside newer cuts from Recondite, Sebastien San and Jonas Kopp. As with Vol. 1, there will be two vinyl releases to accompany the CD: The Exclusives and The Rarities. The former features Jonas Kopp and DJ Hell's own reworks of Capracara and Halogen, while the latter includes Major Problems, Sub-Culture and an unreleased track from Daniel Bell. We recently caught up with Geier via email to discuss the mix:
    Apparently you spent time digging through the records in your basement to find tracks for this mix. Can you tell us about that process? My collection is all over my house and in no specific order, so it takes me days to pick up and listen to all the vinyl. I have been collecting vinyl since the late '70s and I have spent most of my DJ fees on fresh vinyl or hard-to-get stuff. After collecting like a maniac for all these years, I wasn't missing many of the early Detroit and Chicago releases. How does your Kern Vol. 2 mix compare to your 1995 effort X-Mix 5: Wildstyle, which has gone down in folklore? When I was asked to undertake the second Kern mix for Tresor, I wasn't thinking about the X-Mix 5 concept. That mix was made in '95 and was very much based around the videos that accompanied the single tracks used on the mix. (For X-Mix we used VHS to show the video and the music.) The Kern series has a very strong concept behind it: I think combining older classic material together with the new generation of house and techno producers, who are themselves influenced by the older heroes of electronic dance music (not EDM, please!) makes this mix a special one. It also reflects me as a DJ, playing with lots of different genres. In Germany, we were experimenting with loops within techno more than 20 years ago: it feels great to see younger producers still pushing the limits of our art form to the max. The unreleased version of Daniel Bell's "Blip" is an interesting inclusion—how did you come across that? Dan is an old friend and I just sent him an email about using one of his amazing tracks, "Blip," on Kern. Dan wrote back and sent over a previously unreleased "Chicago Style" version that I had never heard before. He's a master at what he does, and I'm really proud to call him a friend. What else have you got planned for 2013? A new Hell single just came out called DJ Hell presents Klaus Nomi-Cold Song, which is out on Gigolo. Our new compilation Gigolo Music Ltd. 14 will also be coming after the summer with old and new label material. I also remixed the great Westbam single called "U Need The Drugs." Finally, I am also going re-release all of my older material from the '90s. This will happen after the summer.
    Tracklist 01. Odori – Movements 1-4 02. Code 6 – Quad 1 03. Dan Diamond – Club Therapy (Peace Division Unreleased Mix) 04. Dark Comedy – War Of The Worlds (Epic Mix) 05. DJ Yoav B. – Energize 06. The Horrorist – Wet & Shiny (DJ Hell's 2013 Rework) 07. Literon – Machine 1 08. QX1 feat. Emanuel Pipen – Love Injection (Wild Child) 09. Robert Hood – Sleep Cycles 10. No Smoke – Koro Koro 11. Sub-Culture – Dreams (Tribal Life Mix) 12. Inner City – Ahnongay 13. Halogen – Bliss (DJ Hell's 2013 Rework) 14. Major Problems – Overdose 15. Recondite – DRGN 16. Jonas Kopp – X 17. Shivers – Fornax 18. DJ Spookie – Home Jam 19. Steve Poindexter – Whiplash 20. N.Y. Connection – N.Y.C - The Dub 21. DBX – Blip (Chicago Style - '92 Unreleased) 22. Lisa Cadena – Untitled A1 23. Sebastien San – Arp Madness 24. Recondite – EC 10 25. Capracara – Flashback '86 (DJ Hell's 2013 Rework) Tresor will release Kern Vol. 2 on July 15th, 2013.