The Analogue Cops launch Bratha project

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  • No Mad Ronin joins the duo on their latest production and label venture.
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  • The Analogue Cops have announced details of their new label and production project, Bratha. It's hard to keep up with the various endeavours of Lucretio and Marieu. In addition to their work as a duo, they regularly collaborate with Steffi (as Third Side) and Blawan (under the Parassela name). We recently reported news of their forthcoming debut album as The Analogue Cops, which is due out this month. Bratha is the name given to both the new label and their production partnership with No Mad Ronin, who has previously worked with veteran house and techno producer Jerome Sydenham. One of the tracks on the outfit's first 12-inch, Bratha 01, also features the work of Arthur Cayzer, AKA Pariah. Bratha will be a no-frills, vinyl-only label, and the trio say the music was "produced using hardware and recorded on ferromagnetic tape during frantic late afternoon sessions." You can grab a taster of the first 12-inch over on the label's SoundCloud page. Tracklist A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled feat. Arthur Cayzer B2 Untitled Bratha will release Bratha 01 in late March 2013.