Blackest Ever Black introduce Shampoo Boy

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  • The new trio that includes Editions Mego head Peter Rehberg will release their debut album in May.
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  • Blackest Ever Black have announced details of Licht, the debut album from Vienna-based trio Shampoo Boy. Comprising Christian Schachinger, Christina Nemec and Editions Mego chief Peter Rehberg, the guitar, bass and electronics band have recorded four extended improvisational pieces for the LP (clips over on the Blackest Ever Black website should prepare you for the kind of dread-filled fare they have in store.) This is the first time all three artists have recorded together, although Schachinger and Rehberg have a long history of collaboration, including several albums released through Editions Mego. The announcement comes in the midst of a purple patch for the London-based label run by Kiran Sande: in recent weeks they have revealed details of a forthcoming album from Edinburgh duo Dalhous and launched their own cassette-only Krokodilo Tapes sublabel. Tracklist A1 Loch A2 Fall B1 Gift B2 Still Blackest Ever Black will release Licht by Shampoo Boy in late May, 2013.