Areal compiles 100 Years of Areal

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  • The compilation features tracks from Hrdvsion, Basteroid, Metope and more, all composed entirely from samples of the German label's past tracks.
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  • This summer, Berlin-based label Areal will take stock of its output so far with a compilation called 100 Years of Areal. Areal is a Berlin-based label founded by the producers Basteroid, Metope and Konfekt. Over the past 12 years or so it's put out more than 200 tracks by an open-ended family of artists that's included Ada, DJ Koze and Fairmont among others, with frequent contributions from the three founders. 100 Years of Areal looks back on this catalog while also showcasing all new material: all but one of the 11 tracks are previously unreleased, but composed entirely of samples from older Areal tracks. Contributions come mostly from label stalwarts (Schleppstigg, Pan/Tone, Falko Brocksieper et al.), though some new names make the cut as well, including Wagon Repair artist Nathan Jonson, AKA Hrdvsion. Tracklist 01. Schleppstigg – Love 02. Hrdvsion – Show Steve A Wonderful Time 03. Undo – Love What You Do 04. The Cheapers – Samples, Drugs and Tech 'n' Roll 05. Pan/Tone – Cry Wolf 06. Pascal FEOS & Frank Leicher – Area51 07. Andreas Henneberg – Sun Of A Gun 08. Fairmont – Techno Prisoners 09. Metope – Paramod 10. Basteroid – Robotic Sunset 11. Falko Brocksieper – Able Archer Areal will release 100 Years of Areal on July 2nd, 2012.