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    Sebastian Riedl
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    Basteroid, Synclair, Die Clippers
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  • What started with a little side note quickly became one of the hottest issues in all kind of different media: The ducks had disappeared. First, scientists proposed several rather exotic hypotheses, but finally geneticists came up with a useful explanat..

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  • Wed, 6 Jun 2012

    Areal compiles 100 Years of Areal

    The compilation features tracks from Hrdvsion, Basteroid, Metope and more, all composed entirely from samples of the German label's past tracks.
  • Thu, 2 Aug 2007

    Basteroid upsets the ducks

    Heavy electro producer Basteroid managed to annoy the local feathered population recording his debut album ‘Upset Ducks’.
  • Thu, 27 Apr 2006

    Raum's a new space in Barcelona

    Barcelona, unlike many cities around the world, has a lot of great clubs with pleanty of parties but within the scene there is definitely room for something a little bit different.

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