Frozen Border release first compilation, Minutes In Ice

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  • Szare, Blawan, AnD and more all feature on the UK techno label's first full-length.
  • Frozen Border release first compilation, Minutes In Ice image
  • Minutes In Ice, the first compilation from UK techno label Frozen Border, is now available. The collection features a batch of new productions that follow the UK label's signature aesthetic: cold, atmospheric and DJ-friendly techno. A few of the artists featured have appeared in the past on Frozen Border and its sister label, Horizontal Ground, such as Skirt, Szare, #.4.26. (AKA Dario Zenker) and AnD. Some new artists come into the fold as well, including rough-edged UK techno specialist Blawan. Breaking from the label's habit of anonymity, the compilation lists all contributing artists by name. Minutes In Ice is available as a double-LP or on CD, the latter of which features three more tracks. Tracklist 01. Skirt - Beatless Collision 02. Andrea Santoro - Solid Smoke 03. Buck - Session 002 04. Skirt Colider (HG.REMIX) 05. Mary Velo - Detune 06. Dean Cole - Time 07. #.4.26. - Tharin 08. Szare - Uprising 09. Funksta - The Groover 10. AnD - In Just A Small Moment 11. Blawan - Tuesday's March Minutes In Ice is currently available on Frozen Border.