Tresor preps documentary, SubBerlin

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  • A film chronicling the groundbreaking Berlin club's history will be released on DVD in April.
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  • Tresor have announced plans to release the 2008 documentary SubBerlin: The Story of Tresor on DVD for the first time. The original Tresor was in many ways the quintessential Berlin club: located in an unrenovated vault beneath a bombed out department store, it opened its doors amidst the general confusion and ecstasy that swept across the city when the wall fell. Its low ceilings, industrial decor and generally unhinged atmosphere created an unprecedented platform not only for techno in Berlin, but also for the scene taking shape across the Atlantic in Detroit. It quickly became a second home for artists like Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Blake Baxter, as well as countless German DJs. Directed by Tilmann Künzel, SubBerlin traces the club's history from its beginning in the early '90s to the closure of its original location in 2005. It includes interviews with many of the artists that played at the venue, from Atkins to Sven Vath, as well as the people that made the club happen, such as original founder Dimitri Hegemann. Originally aired on television in 2008, it will now be released on DVD (with subtitles) for the first time, complete with a CD companion. That's the official trailer below. In other Tresor-related news, the club's label has put together a special series of EPs to mark its 250th release: Infiniti - The Remixes. The three-part series collects old and new versions of songs Juan Atkins released under the name Infiniti back in the mid '90s. Reworks come from Function, Redshape, Sleeparchive, Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz von Oswald. Each of those will be released separately on colored vinyl in April. Tracklist SubBerlin - The Story of Tresor 01. Monika Kruse - Luvsucka 02. System 01 - Drugs Work 03. Inniti - Game One 04. Savvas Ysatis - On The Hook 05. Pacou - Phase Transition 06. Scan 7 - Triple Darkness 07. Hiroaki lizuka - Tera 08. X-101 - Sonic Destroyer 09. The Advent - The Vault 10. James Ruskin - Detached 11. Chris Lo - Fils d'O 12. DJ T-1000 - Jetset Lovelife 13. Stewart Walker - Blisterpacks Infiniti - The Remixes, Part 1 A1. Walking On Water (Original Mix) A2. Walking On Water / Raindrops (Thomas Fehlmann's Rain On Water Mix) B1. Thought Process (Original Mix) B2. Thought Process (TV Victor Remix) Infiniti - The Remixes, Part 2 A1. Flash Food (Original Mix) A2. Flash Food (Function Remix) B1. Skyway (Original Mix) B2. Skyway (Redshape Remix) Infiniti - The Remixes, Part 3 A1. Think Quick (Original Mix) A2. Think Quick (Sleeparchive Remix) B. Think Quick (Moritz Von Oswald's '94 Remodel) Tresor will release SubBerlin - The Story of Tresor on April 2nd, 2012. Infiniti - The Remixes will come out on April 9th, 16th and 23rd.