Motor City Drum Ensemble gets his DJ-Kicks

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  • Danilo Plessow mixes up Mr. Fingers, Sun Ra, Robert Hood and more on !K7's latest.
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble gets his DJ-Kicks image
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble has mixed the next edition of DJ-Kicks, due out this summer on !K7. The release will be Danilo Plessow's first official mix CD. Known for his bass-heavy, soul-inspired sound, the Stuttgart-based artist put out a string of records between 2007 and 2009 that made him a favorite among DJs and house music fans, most notably the Raw Cuts 12-inch series. The mix looks to be a particularly diverse affair, with plenty of nods to Plessow's influences, starting off with experimental jazz gods Sun Ra and moving through selections from Aphex Twin, Rhythm & Sound, Tony Allen and Loose Joints. Classic house fare comes in the form of Mr. Fingers and Recloose, while Fred P (AKA Black Jazz Consortium) brings the ethereal touch with "On This Vibe." An exclusive Motor City Drum Ensemble track is included as well, entitled "L.O.V.E." Tracklist 01. Sun Ra - Door To The Cosmos 02. Electric Wire Hustle - Again (Scratch 22 Remix) 03. Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive 04. Tony Allen - Ariya 05. Peven Everett - Stuck 06. Bad Jazz Troupe - Breakdown Treat (Dusty Rework) (MCDE Edit) 07. Mr. Fingers - The Juice 08. Rick "Poppa" Howard - Can Your Love Find Its Way (Club Vocal) 09. Stone - Girl I Like the Way That You Move (Dub) 10. Fred P - On This Vibe 11. Creative Swing Alliance - Don't Forget Your Keyz 12. Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats - Black Woman Experience 13. Philippe Sarde - Le Cortège Et Course 14. Robert Hood - The Pace 15. Loose Joints - Pop Your Funk (Vocal Version) 16. Arts & Crafts - I've Been Searching (Walter Gibbons 12-inch Mix) 17. Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E. 18. Aphex Twin - Actium 19. Recloose - Cardiology (Isolée Mix) 20. Latecomer - Cosmic Cart 21. Timo Lassy - African Rumble 22. James Mason - Sweet Power, Your Embrace !K7 will release Motor City Drum Ensemble's DJ-Kicks in July 2011.