Adam X mixes Traversable Wormhole

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  • A collection of the mysterious 12-inch series is due for release this fall, along with a string of remix EPs.
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  • This September, CLR will release a compilation of the Traversable Wormhole 12-inch series, mixed by the man himself, New York techno veteran Adam X. Traversable Wormhole first hit the scene in spring of 2009, creeping into bins at record shops with a taste for underground techno. Each installment followed a similar formula: two stark techno tracks, sometimes 4/4 and sometimes broken beat, cryptic sci-fi titles and sleeve design that left a lot to the imagination. Their tough and atmospheric sound made the records an immediate hit among techno connoisseurs, and not least among jocks like Function, Chris Liebing and the Berghain crew. Naturally, speculation grew about the man behind the guise, but X kept things under wraps, casually revealing his identity via select live performances around the globe. Traversable Wormhole 1-5 collects special re-edits of the original tracks, woven together into a 68 minute mix. The CD will be accompanied by a series of remix EPs, slated for release throughout August and September. The first, due out early next month, features reworks by Marcel Dettmann and Peter van Hoesen, while future installments boast names like Function, Kevin Gorman, Sleeparchive, Surgeon and more. The digital versions of each EP will also feature the original mixes of each track, meaning the first ten Traversable Wormhole tunes will eventually see release on mp3. Tracklist 01. Tachyon 02. Superluminal 03. Exiting The Milkyway 04. Transducer 05. When 2D Meets 3D 06. Relativistic Time Dilation 07. Traverisng The Asteroid Belt 08. Closed Time Like Curve 09. Exotic Matter 10. Spacetime Symmetries CLR will release Traversable Wormhole 1-5 on September 20th, 2010.