The-Zone Records



  • THE-ZONE RECORDS by The-Zone Records After almost a decade in which it has been “the lighthouse of radio stations” for the electronic music turned to dance scene in Rome, Italy and not only(New York on 88.3m/, supporting and promoting hundreds of artists and labels, The-Zone decided to make a decisive breakthrough. The-Zone Records was born with the same purpose of the radio programme, which aims to promote the sound of the best established and emergent artists through the realization of sheer releases, that will permit to the sound of The-Zone to get out of the radio and spread his label all over the world. The-Zone artists have been selected through all the radio experience that The-Zone acquired during these years, also with the events where The-Zone have taken part in as organizer or as media support. Our label was born neither for the need of a producer nor for any other commercial goal, but it comes from the wish to represent Italy abroad as an international label and also to spread the sound of the artists which sustained The-Zone till now. With this project, The-Zone gives to every artist full freedom to promote h