Hard Fist



  • Founded by Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï, Hard Fist takes off for a cosmic trip. Forward-thinking and immersive, the imprint is a collective work made up of a group of artists advocating for an uninhibited approach of dance music. Crossing ages and borders, Hard Fist is an alchemical concoction of percussion, acid and global sounds from Middle-Eastern, African, Asian, and European countries. With its own residency at Paris’s mighty Rex Club, the label tells its unique story with forward thinking club music full of a wide array of influences. The label has been releasing collective EPs with artists such as Bawrut, Shadi Khries, J.A.K.A.M., MR TC, Pletnev, Khidja, Fringe Society, Timothy Clerkin, Ko Shin Moon, Lokier and Simple Symmetry. Heart free, fist clenched.


  • 2021

    Balam - Golfo

    Psychedelic deep house inspired by an Andean goddess.