EX.375 Robert Hood

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    12 Oct 2017
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  • Techno, Jesus and wild hogs.
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  • When Robert Hood joined Underground Resistance in the early '90s, he was dropped in the deep end. While he'd been enlisted as the militant Detroit techno crew's hype man, his partners Mike Banks and Jeff Mills agreed to eventually help him produce an album of his own music. But they ended up being too busy to assist Hood, leaving him to figure out his own way of working. Armed with only a spartan setup of drum machines and digital synths, he helped lay the blueprint for minimal techno. Of all the influential figures to come out of Detroit, his music is perhaps closest to techno in its modern state—sleek, tripping and driving. What's more, he's still making music that's routinely rinsed by all types of DJs, from stadium-fillers to local battlers. With his daughter Lyric, the Floorplan project has proved particularly fertile. Their anthemic gospel techno bangers have been crushing dance floors around the world for the past few years and are an almost inescapable presence in the club and festival circuit. During Resident Advisor's conference programme at Dekmantel Festival back in August, Hood spoke to Stephen Titmus about his early encounters with Banks and Mills, the secret to a great loop and wrangling wild hogs in his Alabama ranch.
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      Robert Hood - SH-101 Robert Hood - In Basements