Lokomotiive & Dubnoise - Violet

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  • A wise man once said that it's often the simplest things in life than can provide the most pleasure. And while it's highly unlikely that he was listening to the latest Novo release while generating that aphorism, he might as well have been. Built around an endlessly repeated bass loop/muted piano chord, very little changes or progresses in "Violet" over the course of its seven-or-so minutes, utterly focusing your attention on that one loop, its soothing repetitiveness a comforting, all-enveloping blanket of hushed loveliness. Leix all but abandons the aforementioned loop, introducing a bubbling lead synth. In its own right it's a nicely executed track, but the parts of the original that are sporadically introduced feel a little out of place; the vocal and keys don't quite sit comfortably in this decidedly slicker interpretation. By comparison, Loren changes so little that it's really more of a re-edit with a few additional percussion parts chucked into the mix. Fine for those who like a little more movement, but for me it's undoubtedly the original that takes centre stage.
  • Tracklist
      01. Violet 02. Violet (Leix Remix) 03. Violet (Loren Remix)