Sei A - Frozen Flower

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  • Drenched in hazy static more reminiscent of gently falling rain on plastic than the product of something as crass as a synthesiser, Sei A's "Frozen Flowers" immerses you from the off in a clouded, monochrome world consisting of both infinite horizons and crowded, claustrophobic tunnels. And while waifish figures rise out of the gloom, snatching at you with hands that evaporate to nothing as quickly as they appear, the persistent throb of muted percussion moves you steadily onward. "Starjar" doesn't quite live up to its predecessor in terms of evocation, but still leaves a lasting impression, due mainly to the devilishly warped strings that morph into cacophonous, razor-sharp peaks as the track progresses. Midland attempts to add a little (but not much) more structure to the title track, his main contributions being a thunderously booming bassline and the playing out of looped, squirming vocals that give just a tinge of the omnipresent garage sound for which he has become recognised. Maintaining the haunting quality of the original while also making it dance floor-friendly was surely no mean feat, but one he carries off with aplomb. Youandewan, meanwhile, skilfully ekes out a halting, dub rhythm, complete with shimmering metallic pads and an entire ocean of reverb.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Frozen Flower A2 Starjar B1 Frozen Flower (Midland Remix) B2 Frozen Flower (Youandewan Remix)