Dorisburg - Tundra

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  • There is a distinctive sound that often comes out of Northern Europe. Melancholic and yearning, you can hear it most recently in tracks like Todd Terje's "Snooze 4 Love" or Dorisburg's "Tundra." The latter, found here, starts with an evolving and emotive arpeggio, framed by immaculate drums and percussion. As it builds over the course of the song, a story unfolds along with it. Alexander Berg achieves this with the addition of subtle pads, chirping birds and powerful stabs. Melodic, progressive, cerebral; call it what you like, to me it's just damn pretty. Much like the previous Dorisburg release on Aniara, we find a stepper on the flip. "Transform" diverges from "Mima"'s longing, and instead gives us shoulder shuffling business. At 125 BPM it fits in nicely with the declining tempos found in UK bass music at the minute, and holds its own against some of the more established names in that scene as well.
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      A Tundra B Transform