Falko Brocksieper - Galahad EP

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  • If Interpull sounds like a strange name for a label, that's because it's an offshoot of Pullproxy, an artist management agency based in Berlin. Their first release came earlier this year, company co-founder Dave Turov teaming up with John Selway for Choo Got It. This next one is courtesy of Falko Brocksieper, himself the owner of two labels and a fixture on Germany's production circuit. "Galahad" opens with a soaring synth line and double-time claps. At first, it almost feels like 2005's "Discopolis," from Lifelike and Kris Menace. The similarity ends quickly, however, with Brocksieper shutting down this big riff in favour of a driving rhythm section and swirling chords. It's only in the breakdown that the overarching synth work returns, injecting some much-needed emotion but ultimately failing to make much impact. Quenum's remix swaps out the cantering techno substrate for head-bobbing tech house. Like Brocksieper, however, he's cautious with the melodic elements and doesn't make a distinctive impression. Jonas Kopp's remix is a good example of why he repeatedly appears on EPs in this role. Offering up his usual heads-down take on techno, a big, floppy kick underpins the Argentinian's focussed cut. It's matched by an equally wobbly low-end, which Kopp smatters with darting claps and hats. Midway through, he introduces a splashing ride cymbal and ushers in an emaciated version of the original's lively synth work. Spread long and thin, this acts as a sustained pad to support Kopp's noisesome percussion as it crashes towards home. The remaining two tracks are well-pieced together but seem to be missing something timbrally. "Rabbit Injection" plays off two disparate melodies against one another, the first a kind of vacillating squeaking, the second a less-frequent and faintly trancey arpeggio. In "Azatoth," slurred voices spill out across the spectrum like sludge, underscored by sharp, niggling tones and toppling snare hits.
  • Tracklist
      01. Galahad 02. Galahad (Quenum Remix) 03. Galahad (Jonas Kopp Remix) 04. Rabbit Injection 05. Azatoth