KiNK & Neville Watson - A Saturday In November

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  • The pairing of KiNK (real name Strahil Velchev) and Neville Watson has rarely resulted in tracks that are mindblowing or transcendent on their own; they tend to turn that job over to the DJs who love them. Though their starched and athletic take on house feels fresh, it's also unmistakably old-school, to the extent that well-versed house fans might grumble that their records bear too much of a resemblance to their forebears. But the strong points of their productions—which, generally speaking, aim directly at the butt—make them pretty difficult to deny. All of this is once again at work on the duo's latest for home base Hour House Is Your Rush: "A Saturday in November" isn't exactly challenging music, but you'll find it difficult not to shake a leg to it. "Give yourself to me," the vocal mix implores as shimmering synths and a characteristically nimble drum machine add weight to the request. Sure, you could stand off by the bar muttering something under your breath about this or that Dance Mania side kicking this track's ass, but you'd be denying yourself a simple pleasure. A dub mix on the flip does a great job of injecting some deep space into the mix, though not at the expense of KiNK& Watson's signature tidiness.
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      A A Saturday In November feat. Kim Ann Foxman B A Saturday In November (Dub)