Dewalta - Keep On

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  • If they weren't so nicely weighted, the complex, evolving rhythmic elements to Dewalta's house music might make you a bit insane. Despite his foundations being so tightly woven together, however, they come together over the course of this EP to make for a pleasingly liquid—rather than annoyingly lanky—listen. "Keep On" hits the ground running. As well as the aforementioned and complex bottom ends made from finger clicks, claps and all manner of off-kilter percussive elements, a soothingly forlorn atmosphere hangs in the air courtesy of a John Roberts-styled candlelit piano line and detached female vocal: it's deep and housey, but not deep house per se, and seems to hurry yet dawdle at the same time. "Sauvignon" is the other original offering, and one which pairs another dead-of-night tinkle on the keys with yet more multi-layered drums and hits, but rises up and down more than "Keep On" which operates on a strictly horizontal plane. Some diving distant tones hint at a sleep-deprived state of mind, but things never wholly unravel, instead folding you in and in, right to their end.
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      A1 Keep On A2 Keep On (Dub Mix) B Sauvignon