Shit Robot - Answering Machine Remixes

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  • Shit Robot, the nom de plume of producer Marcus Lambkin, has long sought to inject a healthy dose of hipsterish humanity into electronic dance music. This doesn't exactly make him an oddity at his label, DFA, but his primary technique—fitting groovy beats with Coke bottle glasses and a pocket protector—makes his music stand out as one of the imprint's cheekier acts. "Answering Machine," from Shit Robot's 2010 full-length From the Cradle to the Rave, was actually not all that much in need of a slickening up—space-age strings and an enthusiastically strange vocal hook added up to something far less dorky than its constituent parts. But between Motor City Drum Ensemble and occasional Knife collaborator Planningtorock, Shit Robot has been made to sound about as popular-kid as we could ever expect him to. Stripping "Answering Machine" down to an attitudinal bassline and hard-edged percussion, MCDE's remix gives us a track that bears very little resemblance to its source material. Though it's difficult to even call it a remix—all that's recognizable from the original is a sliver of the vocal—it's an excellent track, showing us once again that MCDE means business. Both Planningtorock versions could be the work of completely different remixers: the "Pizzo Remix" places the vocals against a more dramatic orchestral arrangement, while the "Whisper Remix"—the real star here—thrusts them unfathomably far out in space.
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      A Answering Machine (MCDE Remix) B1 Answering Machine (Planningtorock Pizzo Remix) B2 Answering Machine (Planningtorock Whisper Remix)