Mr. G - G's Spot!

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  • Colin McBean certainly doesn't waste any time. All three tracks on G's Spot show a reluctance to dilly-dally, impatiently establishing the groove from the very first beat. "Got That Swing" fires out of the blocks armed with a nasally, two-note bassline, faux-Latin percussion and a hyperactive hi-hat. This plain formula remains mostly unchanged for seven dull minutes, reverbed stabs and diva-esque vocals doing little to relieve the monotony. Though it also favours groove over fancy hooks, the title track fares better. Again, stabs and indistinct vocals—male this time—fill out the duration, but extended clarions shimmer their way through the track to create false climaxes. Last, "New Dayz" runs with the same approximation of Latin percussion, and hints at melody via shunting pad work and anaemic harmonising. McBean's intentions here are clear; to strip the fluff out. As he once said, "Maurizio can make a bassline out of two notes and simply depending on how long or short it is, it'll fuck with your mind for days." Unfortunately, none of the tracks on G's Spot do that. They instead show how a narrow focus can have disastrous results. See last year's album on Rekids for a better representation of his skills.
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      A G's Spot! B New Dayz Digital: Got That Swing