James What - It Feels Wrong

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  • Best known for his work in the transatlantic dream team of Berkson and What, Brit-based producer James What has left his mate in the woods for a moment, wandering back to Poker Flat HQ on his own this time with his first solo release for the label. "It Feels Wrong" strides in adopting an old school Detroit swagger, weaving together a gurgling bassline, 808 handclaps and doom-laden retro synths, then spattering them with Linn drum-style percussion and stoned, ethereal vocals. In the hands of Lee Curtiss, the track is doused in a bubbling vat of nu acid as booming keyboard stabs and a driving percussive tempo do battle with each other. There's a undercurrent of acidity running through the release's other main track, "In The Dark," but this is a far deeper affair, with atmospheric, out-there synths and trippy vocal snatches which sound like they've been culled from an Apollo moon mission. Rounding off the handsome package, digital DJs can also grab a sparse, minimal, housey DJ tool.
  • Tracklist
      01. It Feels Wrong 02. It Feels Wrong (Lee Curtiss Remix) 03. In the Dark 04. Work What I Have