Various Artists - One Records 010 Part 2

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  • The second half of One Records' two-part 10th release couples names you'll know with names you likely won't. The former include monsieur Chris Carrier who goes down a classicist house route with his muted acid, snappy snared "Spaceshift," while in the latter camp, Defn stands out for his chord-led, smooth and backward-looking vocal anthem "Pharaohs Journey." Both tracks reach familiar enough emotional and nostalgic ends, but do so with enough élan as to be the best offerings from the label to date. One notable constant throughout (in addition to the retro theme) is the type of surface on show: Everything is slightly scuffed and fuzzy round the edges. Peter D's lethargic, deep and spacey house cut "Blue Heart" is a fine example. It's assuredly simple, but resonates nonetheless. Spanish trio Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno and Jaun Crerar, meanwhile, offer up "Club Thang," whose wiggling acid line is forever keen to take your attention away from the pinging cow bells and scratchy claps around it. Ahmet Sisman's opener, on the other hand, waits for you to come to it, rather than the other way round. "Falling Down" has an unquestionably floor-filling bassline (think Jamie Jones during his electro-funk period in 2009), and some faceless voices lingering in the humid air above.
  • Tracklist
      01. Chris Carrier - Spaceshaft 02. Ahmet Sisman - Falling Down 03. Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno, Juan Crerar - Club Thang 04. Peter D - Blue Heart 05. DEFN - Pharaoh's Journey