dBridge - City of Lonely Runaways

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  • It's funny how subtle and laidback the last few releases on Skream's Disfigured Dubz have been. Those are two adjectives you likely wouldn't associate with the English dubstep superstar. Regardless, the label is continuing down that same path with its first release from dBridge and second dip into Autonomia after last year's fantastic Instra:mental appearance. If you've heard any of dBridge's productions in the past two years, you'll know what to expect. (In fact, if you've listened to any associated mixes or sets, you'll probably know these tracks already). Both reflect an ever-widening sparsity in the London producer's music, and a growing attention to detail. "City of Lonely Runaways" presents a wide-open expanse where the metronomic percussion is eclipsed by the glassy chords that glow blindingly like embers smouldering in slow motion. It's the kind of breathtakingly cinematic but wholly synthetic landscapes that the best of melodramatic '90s adult contemporary is made of, but it's packed with lovely string melodies and subtle melodic touches. "Dischord" is a little more on the conventional side of things—a tune that would fit perfectly in an Autonomic podcast from two years ago—where the drums reclaim their gravity and box in the woozy synth melodies into a more rigid structure. This is the kind of single where you know exactly what you're getting, but if you like dBridge's softly sighing take on drum & bass, you'll find a lot to love here.
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      A City of Lonely Runaways B Dischord