Zenker Brothers - Berg 10

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  • The Zenker Brothers have been mainstays on their Ilian Tape imprint, but usually separately. The Berg 10 EP, however, seems to indicate that they'd be best served working together more often. The title track is simple enough, but it's swung rhythm immediately sets it apart from much of the label's previous output. The ten people clapping not quite in time takes it further out. Then the melody that conjures up images of an enormous bubble floating up to the top of a water cooler takes us into the stratosphere. There's an orchestra too, but I'd rather not spoil it for you. If you believe the promo text "Inti" is the name of the duo's first dog. He was a dirty one apparently, and so is the surface of this track. Glowing strings do their best, but it's not until an assured two note bassline steals the show that things get cleaned properly. They use quick-hitting snares throughout in the same way that Manuel Tur has done in the past to heighten the momentum considerably. "Studio," meanwhile, doesn't need any such tricks. We enter mid-track into a maelstrom of sound, with things only becoming clear once a funky bassline cuts through the session-in-progress. A live studio jam or simply a facsimile thereof? It doesn't matter. This is deep and tough techno at its finest.
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      A Berg 10 B1 Inti B2 Studio