Auntie Flo - Oh My Days

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  • For music fans treading between the murky lines of contemporary UK club music, it has been difficult to not acknowledge the subtle rise of tangling afro-house Glas-Goan Auntie Flo. From gigs and bookings at underground Glasgow nights to frequent requests to play at venues such as Plastic People and shows alongside the likes of Mim Suleiman, T. Williams and Nicolas Jaar, 2011 has been a busy one for the emergent artist. It was off the back of his Goan Highlife release earlier this year that Flo gained attention beyond his local quarters, but it's "Off My Days" that has been stirring even wider interest. Pearson Sound opened his Sonar set with his remix of the tune. Alex Smoke, XXXY and Midland have also made frequent use of the original throughout the summer. More stripped down and techy than his previous single on Huntleys, "Highlife," "Oh My Days" rips from start to finish. An 8-bit video game sound effect accelerates you into looped up tribal vocals ringing out the words of the track, with snappy hats, light purposeful tribal drums and an overall neon metallic glow merely adding to the effect. The flipside is also made for the dance floor, a keenly anticipated kwaito house track from South African DJ Sdunkero. "Choosing Love" is the late night woozy instrumental that complements the colour and energy of Auntie Flo's anthem.
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      A Auntie Flo - Oh My Days B DJ Sdunkero - Choosing Love