Runaway - Indoor Pool

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  • When people ask me where to go in New York for clubbing these days, I tell them to ignore the venue, and follow the party. The best parties this city has to offer are usually venue-hoppers, for whatever reason. I'm still not exactly sure why. Case in point is Let's Play House, the largely Brooklyn affair piloted by Nik Mercer and Jacques Renault. After years of hosting a steady stream of disco-house's finest acts in a variety of locations, the boys have branched out into the record game, with a sublabel to cohort James Friedman's Throne of Blood label, an arrangement that nicely grants LPH access to distribution through Kompakt. To break ground on the Let's Play House label Renault and his Runaway partner Marcos Cabral offer "Indoor Pool," and have rustled up a few alumni of LPH parties for remix duty. The original version is fully in the Runaway vein, a dubby house jam with an abundance of analog grit. Holding everything together is an analog-y synth pad that sounds a bit like a foghorn, and a nicely reverbed hi-hat that cuts through the murk. Soft Rocks' remix trades so heavily in that stripped-down warehouse vibe that it almost sounds like they forgot to finish it. They let the big, plodding Roland drums do the talking, and they stomp around with dubby, drunken abandon while little gasps from the original try to get a word in edgewise. Slow Hands manages to squeeze in a good amount of the original, vocal sample and foghorn pad, and yet somehow still has room to let loose the sort of sunny, chunky-key cruise-ship funk that colored the stellar "Belle of the Ball" single earlier this year. Beautiful Swimmers, whose name alone makes them an obvious choice to remix a song called Indoor Pool, offer a schizo take which toggles between edgy, minimal goblin house and unexpected bursts of bright chords, neatly splitting the difference between Soft Rocks' uncompromising dub and Slow Hands' crowd pleaser.
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      A1 Indoor Pool A2 Indoor Pool (Slow Hands Half Full Remix) B1 Indoor Pool (Soft Rocks Remix) B2 Indoor Pool (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)